Could An “OHIO 2029” America Really Happen? Part 2

Let the Hatred Begin


The 2104 mid-term elections was the start of a dramatic change in Washington, D.C. The Presidency was still in liberal hands, but power on Capital Hill was on the move, with republicans taking an even larger major in the House and democrats holding a slim 51-49 lead in the Senate. Problem was: Nine democrat senators kept their seats but all but abandoned Obama’s progressive policies.

The “lame-duck presidency began on January (), 2015, and the first action in Congress was to deliver the Federal Employee Actions Bill (FEAB), which mandated all civil service employees of the United States Government to cease and desist all political activities in the workplace.

The bill was vetoed by President Obama, but public opinion had already shifted–An August 10, 2015 Rasmussen poll showed 76 percent supported overreaching efforts to rid politics out of Administration agencies. The same poll showed 71 percent supported FEAB requirements to go after government employees who actively engage in political activities.

It’s a small world…so write about it.


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